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We are a family-type company operating on the Czech market for over 30 years. There is already a second generation of employees in our team, which speaks of great trust and meaningfulness of our activity. Experienced and enthusiastic employees with high know-how participate in the development of our company…the word “NO” does not exist for us, and the word “good” is a challenge to make it “excellent”.

We enjoy our work and our common journey has enabled us to operate successfully not only on the Czech market for 30 years.

The company TYLL CZ has been presenting itself with high production quality since its inception. With the same effort, we will create permanent products or parts of them for you.

The team of TYLL CZ s.r.o.


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Exhausts Offer



We produce exhausts mainly for ŠKODA and DACIA cars. We produce exhausts for sports purposes, construction and industrial machines, compressors.

Tool Room

We operate our own tooling, enables us to ensure the implementation of contracts, incl. Project and special tools.


The operation of engineering production deals with the production of machine units and equipment, series production, custom production.

Our specialization

We specialize in exhaust systems as spare parts for Skoda cars, as well as some types of foreign cars exhausts, stainless steel sports exhaust and custom manufacturing for veterans.

We also manufacture custom plumbing equipment and help with the modification of vehicles for the physical disabled.

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Exhausts for the Škoda cars

We produce double-walled exhaust systems made of aluminized steel thickness of 2 x 0.7 mm. The exhausts are manufactured with the latest technology with minimal use of welds.

Exhausts system for other

Thanks to long-term cooperation with the Italian company MTS supplied to the Czech market over 2500 items exhausts.

Sports Exhausts

Using the latest technologies produced custom stainless steel exhaust pipes completely designed for the tuning market..

Made-to-order Production

We produce custom exhausts for veterans, compressors, industrial machinery and ships.

Tool Room Services

We are producing tools for bending and pressing machines, as well as products and spare parts.


We have our own service for replacement and repair of exhaust pipes.

TYLL CZ s.r.o.
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